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Our team are here to help you and your loved ones

Step into Oakwood, where the finesse of care converges with a homely embrace.

Our dedicated team, with significant expertise in specialised personalised care and residential lettings, extends a warm welcome to potential respite clients seeking tranquillity. Our skilled team members in creative arts and media ensure that respite is not only relaxing but also engaging.

At Oakwood, we understand the importance of cultivating an environment that caters to your unique care needs, offering a genuine home away from home. With a team deeply rooted in compassion and expertise, we invite you to embark on a journey—a journey where your well-being is our top priority, and each day is an opportunity for rejuvenation and connection. Welcome to Oakwood, where care is a steadfast commitment, and your respite experience is curated with heart and understanding.

We take pride in delivering both a home and a service to the utmost standards at Oakwoods Care Group. Our facility has been meticulously designed to meet the requisite standards, featuring an experienced team with extensive backgrounds in the care industry.

Some of our team members consult with other businesses on compliance issues when seeking CQC registration.

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Laura Wood

Responsible Individual

Laura Wood, Responsible Individual: Laura Wood is a Registered Learning Disability and Mental Health Nurse with extensive senior managerial and clinical experience in the Health and Social Care sector.

Holding roles such as Quality Director, Safeguarding lead, and Nominated Individual for large organizations, Laura specializes in Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health, Forensic care, and care for older people. With expertise in regulatory standards and serving as an Expert Witness in duty of Care breaches, litigation, and CQC prosecutions, Laura ensures that Oakwoods maintains the highest standards of care, support, and quality assurance.

Keira Hughes

Registered Manager

After leaving school, it became evident that Keira's calling was in caring for others. Her early career involved studying childcare at college and volunteering at a local youth café called "Vision," where she aided young people in transitioning to engaging and constructive environments while overcoming personal challenges.

Keira later entered the field of brain injury rehabilitation as a Rehabilitation Assistant. Over the past 11 years, she has gained extensive knowledge and experience in various care and support roles, from community rehabilitation homes to secure hospital settings under the Mental Health Act. Thriving in diverse roles, from support worker to OT Assistant, Senior HCA, and Training Lead, Keira is now the Registered Manager at Oakwoods.

During the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, Keira served as a deputy at a care home, playing a crucial role in its turnaround and implementing improvements for CQC. Headhunted by her previous line manager, who played an integral role in her development, Keira returned as the Registered Manager at Oakwoods. Keira is committed to delivering comfortable, safe, high-quality properties and safeguarding the stability of the Oakwoods service. Keira provides excellent care, focusing on raising the standard of care for children with complex learning and physical needs. In her role, she aims to offer the same commitment and support to her staff team at Oakwoods, building on her rich background in care and support.

Jodie Eames

Deputy Manager

Jodie embarked on her professional journey in hospitality, law, and finance, gaining business administration and IT qualifications. Following a transformative experience traveling in South-East Asia, she rediscovered her passion for care and joined Grafton House as a Healthcare professional. Determined to grow, Jodie transitioned from night to day shifts, taking on increased responsibilities and excelling in writing, reporting, meetings coordination, and client care.

Recognized by mentors for her strengths, Jodie swiftly advanced to a deputy role, assuming training and management responsibilities within a year. With aspirations for a managerial position, she is currently pursuing her Level 5 qualification. Inspired by her son, Jodie is driven to be a top-notch role model and is dedicated to delivering exceptional care as part of the Oakwoods Care Group.


Human Resources

Kerryanne Campbell, a dedicated and proactive business owner, brings a wealth of values and experience centred on care and support. Her background as an Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor at St Andrews, providing care plans and direct support to individuals with mental health issues, coupled with her experience as a carer for young adults with cerebral palsy and severe autism, reflects her empathy and hands-on expertise.

Beyond her care-focused roles, Kerryanne has successfully managed her own business and directed a health and fitness business, demonstrating significant experience in HR and personnel management. Excited about contributing to the Oakwoods Care Group, she is committed to upholding consistently high levels of care and support.

Jack Snook

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Jack Snook launched a successful electrical company and gained renown for high-end developments in the Caribbean. Mentored by Sir Richard Branson, he founded a Property Investment Company in Northamptonshire. While developing properties for supported living, Jack's altruistic nature inspired the creation of Oakwoods Care Group Ltd.

His ethos is clear: "build a foundation for others to grow and flourish." Prioritising quality staff recruitment and retention, Jack focuses on developing a leading support service in a warm home environment. The goal is underpinned by community programs and platforms for skills development in media and the arts. The aim is to establish an expert management team sharing core values of quality care and community support.

Paul Campbell - LLB (hons) MARLA MILIBF CeMAP

Co-Founder and Director of Housing & Business Development

A former legal professional, Paul transitioned to the property industry, establishing his own real estate agency and finance brokerage in Northamptonshire. With a distinguished career, he was honoured with the Freedom of the City of London in 2022 for his professional achievements.

Paul's family background includes working in a residential care home for the elderly owned by his grandmother. Committed to philanthropy, he has provided essential funding for a local children's home, aiming to elevate the standard of care for children with complex learning and physical needs. In his current role, Paul is dedicated to creating comfortable, safe, and high-quality properties at Oakwoods, ensuring residents feel at home, while also contributing to the stability and sustainability of the Oakwoods service.

Emmanuel Donaldson

Co-Founder and Director of Media Services

Emmanuel Donaldson, known as Manny, is a seasoned media professional with a BA Honours Degree in Business and Law and an HND Diploma in Digital Media and Film. His journey in media includes notable contributions at Met Film School Ealing Studios, working on feature documentaries and films for platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime. Manny's expertise extends to serving as a reference camera operator at Andy Serkis's ‘Imaginarium’ Studios.

Passionate about education, Manny became the Short Course Coordinator at Met Film School, directing and producing numerous short films. His dedication led him to Kajan's Women Enterprise (KWE), where he served as a board member, filming charitable works, including projects with Autistic children at Birmingham Independent College. Inspired by KWE's impactful work, Manny co-founded Oakwoods, bringing his commitment to media education and charitable service to the forefront. As Director of Media Services, Manny integrates exciting media, photography, and videography educational platforms into Oakwoods' therapeutic and recreational model, empowering residents with valuable skills for success in the creative industry.

Take a tour around our most recent location, Ardington House

Ardington House is set to raise the bar in adult care homes in the Northamptonshire district. 

A beautiful 7-bedroom detached character property set across two storeys, with a large basement which offers additional scope for conversion into an educational hub.

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